The ultimative Schokolade.

This is the Rezept for ä ultimative Schokolade for one Tasse und one Person.

1. Take some Milk. Take genug of it. So plusminus one Tasse voll. Put it in a Pfanne. Let it koch.

2. Nau you put se Zutates in your Tasse. Först you take tuu päckätschiis of Schokolade. Put both in your Tasse.

3. Take aut Zimt. Put some in your Tasse. And a bit more.

4. Wesser you take somm Vanilla Eis ooor you take some Sahne. Or both. If you take Eis, put it in your Tasse. If you take Sahne, wait til the Milk is fertig gekoched. Then put the Sahne on the Milk in your Tasse.

5. Nau komms the Milk. Put it in your Tasse. Then you do the Sahne dazu. If you want, you kän put Caramelcreeme on the Sahne. It is very lecker… 😀

This Rezept stamms von Mrs. Schildmaid. Jedenfalls ein Teil of it. Thänk you. 😉